Process improvement: kaizen, lean and six-sigma

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These days, no organization can fully realize its mission without maintaining a constant focus on efficiency. This is precisely the objective of the process review, a fundamental and structured approach to the continuous improvement of both organizational effectiveness and efficiency. However, while the process review is widely viewed as essential, and while senior managers understand its broad principles and agree on its usefulness, for many organizations its actual implementation remains a challenge and the review itself an all too elusive mystery. 

This handbook demystifies the process review by presenting and explaining its sequence and steps in practical, logical and reassuring terms. Building on a statement of objectives and recognition of the symptoms of inefficiency within the organization, the handbook provides insights, tips, tools and techniques to guide the manager through the process review. By the end of the exercise, the manager and team will benefit from documented standard procedures, clear roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders, and a robust and effective implementation plan that includes the productive and thoughtful management and monitoring of progress.  

With more than 20 years’ experience as a continuous improvement specialist, Jean-Marc Legentil, MBA, has helped numerous organizations improve their performance. Earlier in his career, he worked in operations management at Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories and Carrier. He lectures at ETS, CIREM and HEC Montréal and is often invited to conferences in Canada and abroad to speak on operational strategy, Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma and continuous improvement. 

Jean-Marc Legentil

Jean-Marc Legentil

L'auteur, Jean-Marc Legentil, MBA, est un consultant en amélioration continue et de la productivité depuis plus de 20 ans. Il a oeuvré au préalable 14 ans en gestion chez Johnson & Johnson, aux LaboratoiresAbbott et chez Carrier. Il enseigne à HEC Montréal, à l'ÉTS et à CIREM en plus de donner des conférences tant à l’échelle nationale qu’internationale sur les sujets du Lean, Kaizen, Six-Sigma et de la stratégie opérationnelle.

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