Microeconomics - 2nd edition (textbook and workbook)

An introduction for business students

Author(s):Justin Leroux, Nicolas Sahuguet





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This textbook is geared towards first-year students in business programs who seek a sound understanding of economic reasoning. The book adopts a straight-to-the-point approach that focuses on accessibility and concreteness.

The first part of the book explains how markets operate and how they are ultimately shaped by individual decisions of firms and consumers. It covers topics such as gains from trade and price formation in different market environments. Building upon that knowledge, the second part focuses on business decisions such as behaving strategically in the presence of competitors, making decisions under uncertainty, and dealing with asymmetric information.

Students who master the contents of this book will be at a significant advantage in understanding the “big picture” of business environments.

This second edition contains improved examples and slight adjustments in how some concepts are presented.


This workbook is a companion to Microeconomics – An introduction for business students – Textbook. It contains answers to the exercises found in the textbook as well as nearly 500 old exam questions with their solutions.

Justin Leroux

Justin Leroux

Professeur à HEC Montréal

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Nicolas Sahuguet

Nicolas Sahuguet

Professeur à HEC Montréal

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