Lean: Manage work as a flow system

3rd edition

Auteur(s) :France Bergeron, Joanne Gaudet

ISBN :9782897991081

Copyright :2020

Nombre de pages :79

Langue :Anglais


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Lean is all about flow. This book provides the fundamentals of Lean so that anyone, in any type of work, can be Lean. To better understand why Lean organizations such as Toyota are so innovative every day, the book also delves into the secret sauce of Lean, flow experience.

Praise for this book

“A wonderful gem! Flow is a fundamental concept in Lean Management and yet few thought leaders have highlighted it in the understandable way that France and Joanne have—and even fewer organizations understand and incorporate the concept with any degree of rigor. Learn about flow and then start achieving it! Your employees and customers alike will thank you.”

Karen Martin, President of TKMG, Inc. author, The Outstanding Organization

“France and Joanne put together some valuable thoughts and actions with their book Lean: Manage work as a flow system. It discusses all the facets of Flow in Lean thinking, while intertwining the importance of developing and aligning people through cascading goals from macro to micro value streams throughout all levels and roles in an organization. If you want a nicely written summary to help move along your organization, I recommend this book as a resource.”

Tracey Richardson, Founder of Teaching Lean Inc., Author of The Toyota Engagement Equation

“A great introduction to lean.”

Daniel T. Jones, Author of The Machine that Changed the World and Lean Thinking, commenting on the 1st edition of this book

“The book is an excellent start if you are new to Lean and it is also a good read if you are more experienced as it reminds the reader of the core in Lean and the connection between process and human being. It is a brilliant and easy introduction to Lean. I highly recommend it.”

Klas Fjärstedt, Deputy Head LACE, Handelsbanken

Joanne Gaudet

Joanne Gaudet

Joanne Gaudet, BSc (Chemistry), BA (Psychology), MA (Sociology) is a published author in science studies and in social network analysis. She brings years of experience from many sectors including education, management consulting and not-for-profit.

Publication(s) de cet auteur

France Bergeron

France Bergeron

France Bergeron, BTh, MSc (Management and Organizational Development) is an internationally-recognized Lean thinker who provides support to organizations on their Lean journey. As a Federal public servant for more than 20 years, she was one of the first in the public service of Canada to launch an organization-wide Lean initiative.

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