Social and professional insertion of indigenous workers

Clear Pathways for a Concrete and Effective Contribution

Author(s):Émilie Deschênes



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The Indigenous population is a young and rapidly growing demographic group, representing a major economic, social and professional force. This book features benchmarks that companies can use to support their efforts in the social and professional insertion of Indigenous workers. The proposed model is based on four dimensions : planning, cultural securement, support and training. It strives to provide solutions to the needs of the host communities, while minimizing the challenges of social and professional insertion for all. Supported by the FNHRDCQ and the INMQ, this publication is the result of the author's research and several years of experience with Indigenous communities. It is primarily intended for managers and all actors involved in organizations operating in the vicinity of Indigenous communities and territories that hire or wish to hire Indigenous workers. It is also relevant for organizations interested in topics related to the employment of Indigenous workers.

Émilie Deschênes

Émilie Deschênes

Dr. Émilie Deschênes has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of education, more specifically in the field of teaching and pedagogy and especially in the management of education in an Indigenous context. Her professional experience in Indigenous communities and with Indigenous people is extensive and diverse. The idea of writing this book came from her post-doctoral research in intercultural management (HEC) on the training and integration of Indigenous workers into the workforce. A professor at UQAT, she also specializes in the fundamental issues of decolonization of institutions and the integration of Indigenous perspectives in education and training.

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