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While large publishers are systematically looking for textbooks with large circulation, Éditions JFD takes pride in publishing both large and small circulation textbooks.  More importantly, as a publisher, we believe that the essence of our job is to be constantly at the service of you, our authors. Thus, we work in synergy with you, open to your aesthetic input, and we ensure you are as pleased as we are with the final result.

Publishing, in our opinion, is defined by the enhancement of the material. A beautiful edition makes all the difference to the reader.  We are, therefore, very concerned with the graphic quality of all the books we publish. In fact, most of the books we have published are in color and printed on high quality paper. Thus, our graphics team, equipped with the latest graphics software, works to add value to the content.

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275books published since 2007

With the string of growth in the last few years, we are proud to have published more than 250 books, and we have worked with more than 400 authors. Take a look at our catalogue!

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